Case Study
The Universidad Iberoamericana is one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico, however in recent marketing studies they noticed new generations see the university as being very posh, outdated and unapproachable.
The Marketing department contacted me, to pitch a redesign for their 2013-2014 campaign, together we elaborated a focus group to understand the motivations and drivers of new generations.

Key Elements
After the focus group, we obtain key words, and phrases that would help us to move forward in the campaign
a) Liberty to decide
b) Critical Thinking
c) Humanist Formation
d) Social Compromise
e) Support
The Symbol
SI Sentido Ibero, was the slogan for the campaign, the symbol represents SI as an acronym of the slogan and as a constant reminder of the positive thinking the institution is constantly reinforcing in their students and staff.

Visual Proposal
For the visual proposal we aimed to not hire models, but have the students in the institution be the models, and have casual images in different scenarios. either creating, being supported by the teachers along their learning process, or in a state of re flexion.
This four images where used across various channels, video, print, and social media, along with the slogan and a representative phase of each of the states of the learning process.
Brochures and institutional material
The campaign needed to be extended to brochures and other institutional material that the university provides to interested students.

Keeping in mind that we wanted to show real pictures in real situations, permissions to enter to different classes was granted, and allowed us to live and show the everyday class scenario that the Ibero provides to their students.

Brochure Structure
With seven different areas and a total of 29 degrees, a color code was implemented, in order to provide the students with easy understanding of what area they would be studying, and what the specific degree they where interested in.
Brochure Construction
The Brochures have 3 levels of information

Level 1 - Cover 
 At this point the interested student can see the cover, and a small amount of information about each of the degrees, as well as the area that that degree belongs to

Level 2 - Second Fold
The second fold provides the users all the information that they will require, to learn more about the desired career, goals, areas where they could work in the future as well as a summary of the study plan.

Level 3 - Third Fold
The third fold provides the interested students with the full study plan divided by semesters, and number of credits required, further information on what their day to day would look like, and a testimonal from one of the graduates of this career.
On the web
The campaign extended to over 20 micro sites, updating the look and feel as well as the information architecture for each of them.
Previous Microsites
Micro-sites where redesigned under a main frame, that would work in all the different scenarios that each of the areas require.

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