Laval Families Magazine identity reflects the core values of the company stability, trustworthy, reliable, warmth and approachable.
The Magazine
The core product of Laval Families Magazine is its printed issue, with over 60,000 samples, Laval Families Magazine is the #1 Family Resource Magazine in Laval and The North Shore.

Laval Families Magazine has a wide audience, from young parents, to elder people, from a design point of view, we needed to have a product that would be appealing, and easy to read, for any age, content wise, LFM, has carefully selected the content, and their advertisers, Laval Families Magazine attends to real needs, and strives to improve the lifestyle of the community.

Laval Families Magazine, organizes two mayor annual events, The Young Authors Contest & The LandRover Experience
The Young Authors Contest
The Young Authors Contest consists of creating a handwritten and illustrated original story, no longer than 15 pages, bounded by staples, paperclips or presented in a folder. The story must be accompanied by a cover page.

This year is historic! … Students of all ages are invited to participate.
26 elementary schools - 11 high schools - 5 adult education & vocational training

An opportunity for 15,000 students to participate!
Land Rover Experience
Unparalleled Experience On and Off the Road 
Christiane Karamanoukian
Amazing! I’ve never had such a positive experience with any vehicle. The Land Rover vehicles are unbelievable,
 I am speechless.
Was driving a Range Rover Sport 2015

Michel Hébert
I never would have imagined what a Land Rover vehicle can do off-road! You need to live this experience!
Was driving a Land Rover Evoque 2015

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